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My Diet Experiment

A few weeks ago, I saw a television news story about 14 ‘super’ foods that you must eat to be healthy. Thinking about this news story brought to mind countless other recommendations I’ve heard for overall health improvement. I began to think about all the things so-called experts say you should do to have the best life possible, and with so many things that came to mind, I began to wonder whether it was physically possible to live the perfect healthy life, by doing everything that health experts say you should do. I mean, I must have heard hundreds of things that we must do, to improve our lives: eat right, get the correct amount of sleep, deal with stress in the correct way, etc.... Do we really have the time each day to do all these things? Thus, for the past few days, I began a study to test whether I could live a perfectly healthy life (the way ‘experts’ say we should), and to see if I can tell any difference in the way I feel.

I started my quest on the ‘world wide web’ researching expert opinions on various theories on health maintenance. I focused on three key areas: what and how much do I put into my body, what rate do I keep my level of physical activity, and how do I maintain my mental activity level. Although some opinions contradicted each other, I decided to try what I thought would work best for me.

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