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My Diet Experiment

What should I put into my body?

My first goal was to find out what types of foods and how much of each type of food, as well as how often and in what quantities is optimal for perfect health. From the web site I found out that the amount of food to consume is different per individual. It depends on the individual’s body type and what body type the individual is looking to achieve. The three body types described are: “the endomorph, characterized by a preponderance of bodyfat; the mesomorph, marked by a well-developed musculature; and the ectomorph, distinguished by a lack of either much fat or muscle tissue.” I decided I most closely resembled to ectomorph: Thin, little bodyfat or muscle mass, Trouble Gaining Weight, and Muscle growth takes longer. I decided that I would feel healthier if I could gain additional muscle, so therefore I decided to follow their "Bulk Up" eating plan. For a 150 pound person (which I am just a few pounds over) this plan recommends eating 3795 calories/day, eating 5 or six meals a day.

I designed my diet with many of the 14 super foods (the ones that I enjoy eating) I had heard about in the news article, while keeping my carbs, protein and fat in a balance. Here are the 14 Super Foods *Broccoli *Spinach *Walnuts *Turkey *Beans *Pumpkin *Tomatoes *Blueberries *Yogurt *Soy *Wild Salmon *Oatmeal *Oranges
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