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This site is one of my latest projects. Although has been around for several years, for quite a while I had wanted to add tons of new content as well as change the formatting around. So, what you are currently looking at is Version 2 of this site. In version 3, I hope to create a dynamic database driven site, so that I do not have to change every link on every page when a link changes.

I designed this site to look very similar to The New York Times website, as this site is what I consider a nicely developed site without annoying content that pops up everytime you enter the site, such as this site. In addition to the New York Times look and feel, I added a dropdown menu on the top to link to some key features on my website. For assistance with this, I want to thank my friend Erick Anderson. I created a link to his site posted in my friends section of the left hand menu bar.

The basic goal of this project was to get back into website development, since I have not worked on a website with this much content since I was a web developer for United Technologies Corp., several years ago. The content consists of various projects I have worked on, or hobbies of mine or just simple writings. Some things are just there to either make fun of something or I think it is funny. Some things on this site are probably very weird. I think some of this information can be useful to someone, though. Whatever you find, I hope some of this information is of value to someone. So, after saying all that, please take a look around inside this site. Let me know if something on this site is not working. You can email me (hopfully) in the contact link below the main content section of all pages.

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Weird Projects
How to make a ghost appear in your living room
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This Moment in Fake History
Find out what happened today in completely made up history.

How To Make A Ghost Appear In Your Living Room
I had an idea one other day when I was living in Florida. Based on something I read about disney imagineering, and some newly aquired materials, I was able to make a ghost appear in my living room.

How To Cook The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg
I once read an article by Julia Childs that described how to cook the 'Perfect' hard bioled egg. After years of experimenation, I have fine tuned this technique to cook perfect eggs.