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Ok, I got these files. My friend Rich sent these to me in mp3 format. Hopefully, these come out ok. Thanks Rich.

Song1 My first song. First attempt at this type of music. I'm not really one of those people that sits in my car blasting this type of music, but I thought I would be fun to create my own song in this style I find very stupid.

Song2 My second 'song'. Really just industrial sounds that I tried to intertwine to sound cool. Not sure if this is really music... starting to get away from what is defined as music, but I think it sounds cool.

Song3 Another thing I created, sounds like the background music to some action movie.

Song4 This one is not really a song.... not really a story.... listen to it, you should understand the setting by listening to the sounds.

Rich Seaburg's Song Rich is a friend who let me stay with him for a month. He introduced me to this program to create this music. This is one of his works that hopefully doesn't put my work to shame.

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