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Dots and Boxes

i used to play this game a lot in highschool. I played this so much, that I eventually figured out a formula on how to win any time (unless your opponent knows this formula as well).
This is a two player game. It is played on a grid of dots similar to the following:

The number of dots played on can be different than as shown, but basically you should understand what I mean by grid of dots.
Players start out the game by alternating turns. During a turn, a player connects two adjacent dots (directly above/below or directly right/left of each other) with a line.
If a player completes a box (a space with all four dots connected), that person places their initial inside the box. After entering their initial in the box, that same player goes again.
The winner is the player who has the most initials in the boxes at the end of the game.

I will post the strategy and formula to win sometime soon!
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