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Funny trick with an egg

I had this funny idea for a joke one day. I tried this out at a friend’s house. The recipient of this joke wound up with his hand covered with a rotten egg.

This joke requires some preparation. To do this trick you need a few things: First, after letting the egg sit in the sun a few days to make sure it is nice and rotten, submerge the egg in a cup of vinegar. Let the egg sit in the vinegar for a day. If you don’t know what vinegar does to an egg, this is a very interesting and fun experiment. After letting the egg sit in the vinegar for a day, dump the vinegar out of the cup, and add water with food coloring. Let this sit again for another day. What you should have left after the second day is what looks like one of those stress ball things people squeeze to reduce stress.
I tried this at a friend’s house. I came over, and snuck it in his apartment. I placed it on his coffee table, and just waited for someone to grab it. I didn’t say anything about it, just waited. Almost when I was about to leave, one of his friends grabbed it, and squeezed it… it went all over his hands, not to mention some bills my friend was working on…. Actually, come to think of it, this did not turn out as funny as I thought it would be. Maybe this would be funnier in an office type environment.
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