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At one point in time, I noticed that the left side of my jaw was in tremendous pain. I remember I had first started having this constant pain ever since the last time I went to my dentist, when he drilled a giant hole in my teeth. It felt almost as if he welded two of my teeth together, which would obviously be the cause of this pain. I decided I wanted to see what was going on in there, and since I did not own any mirror that would fit in my mouth, I decided to find a way to make a mold of my painful teeth.

In order to make the mold, I purchased some caramel cube candies, and wax candles (I used little birthday candles). I bit down on the caramel with my teeth I wanted to make a mold of. I pulled this out of my mouth keeping the indentations, and set it on a table. I lit the candle, and let the wax drip inside the mold. After it was all filled, I set this in the fridge for a short time. I was able to pull the caremel away from the wax, and therefore had a wax mold of my teeth. I learned this technique after a few trial and errors with different candies and techniques.
The following is a picture of my wax teeth I made. Not sure if this really solved my tooth problem, though.

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