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Homemade liquers

At one point in my life, I had a hobbie of creating my own quality liquers and cordials. I found a book with recipes for several types of liquor, and since then also experimented with some of my own. Here are instructions on how to make a coffee flavored liquor, similar to Kahlua.

Any liquor you make has basic characteristics that define what that liquor is. These characteristics are the flavor, sweetness, color, alcohol content and vicosity. I will discuss each of these as it pertains to our coffee liquor.

To get the coffee flavor, we add the following ingredients together: 1/4 cup ground coffee 2 ounces of water 1.5 ounces of (grain) alcohol Let these sit in a jar for two days in a cool place. Then, strain out the coffee grounds through a wet coffee filter. This will be the base for our coffee flavor and can be used for years if stored in an airtight container. This will be combined with vanilla extract to get the flavor we are looking for.

To get our sweetness, we have to make what's called simple syrup, which is basically a saturated sugar solution. To make simple syrup, mix one parts water to two parts sugar in a pan. Heat this pan, but keep it under a boil. After 20-30 minutes this solution should become crystal clear, which means it is in it's simple syrup state and can be used in making your liquors.

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