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My Stratego Strategies
I used to play this game when I was young, and recently began playing and analizing the various strategies for this game. Listed here are most of the strategies I have found work to help me win almost every game I've recently played.

Chili Cook-off
This weekend I attended a chili cook-off. Originally, I wanted to enter this contest with my own recipe, though due to time constraints, I could only attend as a judge. Here are pictures from this event.
Some friends introduced me to this site recently, and since then I have spent many hours visiting with old friends, and meeting new people. If you don't already have a myspace account, join, and you can become my friend!

I designed this site for several reasons:
1. I like to speak my mind, share stories and ideas, and introduce people to new hobbies or activities they might not have thought of,
2. The web provides me the opportunity to do this without forcing information on people that are not interested.. .

If you want to find out what goes on in my mind, enjoy. •See More Pictures

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This Moment in Fake History
Find out what happened today in completely made up history.

How To Make A Ghost Appear In Your Living Room
I had an idea one other day when I was living in Florida. Based on something I read about disney imagineering, and some newly acquired materials, I was able to make a ghost appear in my living room.

How To Cook The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg
I once read an article by Julia Childs that described how to cook the 'Perfect' hard boiled egg. After years of experimenation, I have fine tuned this technique to cook perfect eggs.