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Here’s a joke I made up

A young man is traveling across the country when his car breaks down. He needs a place to stay while his car is being repaired. He sees this farm house, walks up and knocks on the door. A farmer answers the door, to which the young man explains his situation: My car broke down, I need a place to stay, etc…. So the farmer thinks for a moment and says “I don’t know, what’s your name?” The young man says “My name is Mason” The farmer thinks a bit longer and says “Wait, what’s your last name?” The young man, says “My last name is Dixon”. The farmer thinks for a minute and says “Wait, 'Mason Dixon'???.... Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t take in borders.

That was my only real joke I made up. Yes, I know... it is supposed to be dumb. You got a better one that you made up? Send it to me, and maybe I will post it.
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